Flowering Facts: Chrysanthemum…or you might just say Mum

Mum Plant with Butterflies created by Field of Flowers

The beauty of a chrysanthemum is immediately evident – and it’s no wonder.  The word “chrysanthemum” comes from the Greek word for “golden flower.”   Traditionally and continuously an important cut flower, chrysanthemums come in numerous varieties, and when handled appropriately, have a long post-harvest life.

If harvested as buds, chrysanthemums can be opened in fresh-flower solutions containing 2 – 3 % sugar!  The result is a beautiful flower in vibrant hues – flower colors include white, yellow, orange, bronze, red, purple and pink. A single-type mum will appear as a daisy-like central eye, with petals that resemble quills.

Don’t be skeptical about purchasing chrysanthemums that are two-thirds to three-quarter open – these flowers will actually last longer than the tighter harvest ones. The popularity of mums has had longevity – much like the flower itself.

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(Note: This blog post, written by Donn F. Flipse, originally appeared as an article in Gold Coast Magazine)

Quick Thought…

As the heat of summer passes, we welcome fall, which is the time for such season favorites as chrysanthemums and interesting branches. The long‐lasting “mums” have arrived in all their fabulous variety, as cut flowers and potted plants. Aren’t they beautiful?
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