The Language of Flowers: Shakespeare’s Christmas Merriment

Merry Christmas to our friends and customers.

"Merrily, merrily shall I live now. Under the blossom that hangs on the bough" quote from William Shakespeare with a Christmas flower arrangement from Field of Flowers.

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You can call, click or come in to one of our Field of Flowers flower markets in Boca Raton, Miami or Davie, FL for over 100 varieties in store every day. Let our blossoms, bouquets, and flower arrangements speak for you in their poetic language.

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The above image is a custom Christmas flower arrangement created by Field of Flowers’ floral designers. The quote, “Merrily, merrily shall I live now. Under the blossom that hangs on the bough,” is by the English playwright, William Shakespeare (1564 -1616).

Sneak Peek: This week at Field of Flowers

Here are some slides of what’s in the store this week — fun, festive holiday decorations..amazing centerpieces for celebrations…and we are so happy to have a full selection of orchids from Thailand back. Also we have Alstromeria on sale this week while supplies last….just $3.89 for a bunch of 6 stems, $21.95 for a professional designed arrangement in a colored glass cube vase.

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Easy, Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Holiday decorating made easy and inexpensive!  All you need are some inventive ways to create your own beautiful, elegant and festive holiday decorations – and almost all the items can be found around your house.

Group together glass vases of various shapes and sizes, then fill them with seasonal goodies such as peppermints or festive colored ornaments. 

For a more dramatic look and feel, try filling your vases with ornaments in monochromatic tones of gold or red.  This is a very easy way to add style to your room or table!

Have some ornaments not being used?  Add them to a decorative container and nestle them around evergreens and candles.

Pinecones are another holiday favorite for decorating. Designing them can be as simple as placing them in a bowl with evergreen trim and berries or you can give your pinecones a wintry look by spraying them with silver paint and fake snow.  For that extra touch, add shimmer to your winter pinecones with pearl glitter or glue fake pearls to the tips.

Using small tins or wooden containers around the house are a creative yet frugal way to decorate for the holidays.  Just fill them up with holly and berries or just add some evergreens with pinecones for a festive look.

Add a terrific touch with evergreens! Add them around mirrors, picture frames or mantels for instant holiday cheer. For an extra elegant look, you can add bows, ornaments or pine cones.

For a contemporary and chic look add natural branches or iced branches to any glass vase.  For a touch of elegance hang festive ornaments all around.  For an inviting look instead of hanging ornaments utilize and hang your holiday greeting cards!

Glowing candles are a must during the holiday.  A unique way to decorate your glass votives is to artfully glue evergreens to the outside.  This will not only light up your room but the fragrance of the evergreens will last throughout the holiday season.

Want to try some of these Christmas decorating ideas and don’t have the right items around the house?

Field of Flowers carries many glass vases in all sizes and colors, starting at just $2.50.  Branches are seasonal, but right now you’ll find in our stores branches and leaves covered in gold, silver, red, and green glitter to enhance your centerpieces and displays. We also have a selection of curly willow and various Christmas greens.  Plus we have wreaths, candles, pine cones, spray paints, bows and everything you need to add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday display.

Need more ideas?  Stop in and talk to one of our floral designers. You might also be interested in these past posts:

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Are You a Sparkle Seeker? 

Try Branches!

Have you heard the old rumor about Poinsettias being toxic? 

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You can call, click or come in to one of our Field of Flowers flower markets in Boca Raton, Miami or Davie, FL for over 100 varieties of flowers in-store to design into your hand-tied bouquet. Open 7 days in Boca and Davie.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…a flowerful holiday season in South Florida

We’ve started decking the halls, walls, and just about every spot in between with fresh flowers for the holidays. Poinsettias aplenty, and lots of ideas for you to bring flowers and sparkle into your Hanukkah and Christmas decorating. Here are few slides from the Davie flower market.

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You can call, click or come in to one of our Field of Flowers flower markets in Boca Raton, Miami or Davie, FL for your holiday flowers and decorations. In store…or we deliver flowers throughout South Florida.

Are you a Sparkle Seeker?

Add sparkle all your holiday floral arrangements with our full assortment of glittering branches, leaves, and other. Use as a finishing touch to a floral design, or create an all glitter arrangement. Red, green, silver and gold!

Sparkle with Field of Flowers

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Flowering Facts: Mistletoe

Mistletoe is known as an evergreen parasitic plant. It attaches itself to old Apple, Lime, Ash and Hawthorne trees burrowing its roots deep into the roots of the tree and sucking up its nutrients. Mistletoe has been around for centuries and used throughout different cultures, the Druids believed that it could perform miracles, from providing fertility to humans and animals to curing diseases and protecting against witchcraft. Although unsure where the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe came from some believe that it was the Vikings association with the plant and their goddess of love, Frigga. Others think it’s the ancient belief that it’s related to fertility. However it came about, the “proper” mistletoe etiquette is for the man to remove one berry after he kisses a girl. Once all the berries are gone, no one can kiss under that plant again. For those that follow the “proper” ways it is said to bring good luck to them.

Have you heard the old rumor about poinsettias being toxic?

If you have purchased, are planning to purchase, or received a poinsettia you will be relieved by this recent article in the Miami Herald.

Researchers Debunk Poinsettia Myth

“Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not toxic to people or animals….The supposed toxicity of poinsettias has been a subject of warnings as long as the red and white flowers have been associated with the Christmas holiday, but numerous reports from poison control centers do not support the warnings, according to Dr. Rachel C. Vreeman and Dr. Aaron E. Carrol of the Indiana University School of Medicine… They reviewed nearly 900 calls to such centers reporting poinsettia consumption and found that none of the incidents resulted in serious illness and few even produced any symptoms.”

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