Flowering Facts: Tulips

tulipsThough Tulips tend to be associated with Dutch culture, they were actually first grown in the Middle East.  The name “tulip” originates from the Turkish word for “turbin.”  This might have a lot to do with the particular shape of the flower which replicates the look of a turbin.   After being cultivated in the Middle East the tulip made its way to Holland where in the 16th century they were considered precious & sold for extremely high prices. 

Tulips tend to be associated with imagination & love and red tulips were considered to be romantic presents during the Victorian era.

We are celebrating our annual Tulip Celebration.
3/22 – 4/5 at the Boca Raton, Davie and Palmetto Bay Flower Markets.

Stop by to win prizes and take advantage of our sale, SAVE 20% OFF all designer orchid arrangements and stems!

Every Sat during our celebration there is a FREE 2pm Design Demo.  Our skilled designers will show you the best techniques for creating a stunning arrangement using tulips.

No Reservations, No Fees, Just Fun!!!
Bring Family and Friends and enjoy learning together…
Don’t leave after the demo; our designer will raffle off an arrangement to one of our lucky attendees!


Thanks for reading… www.fieldofflowers.com   1.800.963.7374  (1.800.96.FRESH)

You can call, click or come in to one of our Field of Flowers flower markets in Boca Raton, Miami or Davie, FL for over 100 varieties in store every day…plus supplies, vases, containers, everything you need to express yourself with flowers. Make your own arrangements, or order exquisite arrangements by our floral designers. Pick up in-store or ship fast and fresh locally or worldwide.


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