Tips for Caring for your Cut Tulips

Tulip GardenTulips are a beautiful Spring garden flower that many like to bring into their homes to show off their beauty. However it seems the beauty of these flowers never lasts as long as desired after being freshly cut. Here are some quick tips to keep your fresh cut Tulips lasting a little longer than there guaranteed freshness date.
Remove any leaves from the stem that would be under water once the tulip is placed in a vase.

Cut the stem about an inch from the bottom to prevent air from entering it and drying it out. If the bottom of the stem is in air too long it will dry up and prevent water and flower food from entering through the stem for nutrition.

Cut the stem when under water so that no air enters the stem and prevents water intake.
Always make angled cuts when cutting the stems of tulips.

Use very sharp shears or a sharp knife when cutting the stems of Tulips. Tulips stems aren’t as thick and strong as others so the outer skin can fray if you cut with a dull knife.

Caring for Tulips in a vase

Every two days cut about one half inch from the bottom of the stem to continue water intake.

Check the level of water frequently and add more as needed to top it off.

Always keep the vase clean with fresh water. Water should never stay foggy or cloudy.

Add a floral nutrient or preservative from a florist to the water.

Set the vase in a cool place away from direct sun, heating vents and drafty areas.


Because tulips continue to grow even after being cut, they often bend to conform to their container. If desired, straighten the tulips by securing them in damp newspaper and placing them in lukewarm water for a few hours.

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