How to stop Tulips from Drooping

Tulip Plant1Tulips are well known for drooping once cut and put into a vase. You can try to avoid this by following a few of these steps. First make sure your Tulips are well hydrated and have the proper nutrients (grab a complimentary packet of our flower food when you stop into our market). You want to try to put your Tulips in a long slender vase to act as a brace to hold them straighter without drooping over the top. Re-cut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife or professional cutting sheers, try to cut the stems about an inch from the bottom while cutting under water. Remove all extra foliage and leaves that will be submerged in the water. You want to remove the excess foliage because those leaves will create bacteria in the vase and kill your fresh cut stems quicker. A trick to training the stems to stand straight is wrapping them gently with a plastic wrap exposing the stems so they can drink the water in the vase. Keep the arrangement like this for about 5 hours or overnight. This will allow the Tulips to absorb water into the stems and keep the shape of the plastic wrap sleeve. Always be sure to keep your Tulips out of direct sunlight, as they tend to follow light sources. Hydrate them frequently because dehydrated Tulips droop quicker…Even give them a fresh trip after a few days to make sure that water uptake is not being slowed by dulled stems with bacteria growth.

Here’s a tip to try! Add a penny dated prior to 1981 to the water.  The copper found in the penny may help the Tulips stand up in the vase!

Field of Flowers will be celebrating their annual Tulip Celebration from Sat 3/16 – Sat 3/23 at the Boca Raton and Davie Flower Markets.

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Our skilled designers will show you the best techniques on how to create a stunning arrangement using fresh cut Tulip stems or Tulip plants.

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Thanks for reading…   1.800.963.7374  (1.800.96.FRESH)

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