Flowering Facts: Calla Lilies

The elegant Calla Lily

Elegant, dramatic, sophisticated, showy and classic are just a few words to describe the Calla lily flower.  The most common (though they could hardly be considered common) are the classic white callas which boast gorgeous tropical looking arrow-shaped leaves.

Traditionally, in the language of flowers, the Calla lily has always symbolized “beauty” – and it truly is one beautiful flower!   It became a familiar theme for artists of the Art deco period because of its extreme purity of line.

Its use as a flower in interior decorating is diverse.  Often you see one perfect Calla lily, the long-stemmed sole occupant of a stark modernist vase – the lone adornment in a minimalist interior.  It’s the perfect adornment, too – because your eye is drawn past all the nondescript neutrals of the room to this flower – so beautiful it hardly seems real – and yet as spare and minimalist as the room.

But turn the page, and there is another vase of Calla lilies – this time a whole bouquet of them in pinks and lavenders, looking right at home on the table of a country kitchen

Then there are the stunning hybrid ‘mini-callas’, with their elegant shape and wide range of colors such as mango, yellow and burgundy.  They are used frequently in bridal bouquets, but look equally at home arranged loosely in a vase.

Calla lily plants are also spectacular.  Available in an array of colors, when placed in a favorite basket or ceramic container, your Calla lily plant will give you pleasure for some time.

Place callas in a vase that is approximately 1/3 the height of the flowers for the best effect.

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(Note: This blog post, written by Donn F. Flipse, originally appeared as an article in Gold Coast Magazine)