Flowering Facts: Stargazer Lilies…a type of Oriental Lilies

Dazzling Oriental Stargazer Lilies

The food you serve is the focus of attention on your table, but the flowers you choose will complete the scene.  The colors and types of flowers will set the tone for your gathering.  Whether it is an elegant affair or a family picnic, flowers finish the scene with style.

For fragrance and beauty, we suggest Stargazer Lilies.  Take two bunches (10 stems) of Stargazer Lilies (cutting the stems to equal height) and place them in a 10-11” vase.  Take 2 bunches of Ribbon Grass and distribute it throughout the lilies.  It’s as simple as that!

The Stargazer Lily is a member of the Oriental Lily family with red-speckled rose-hued petals.  It has a sweet but strong fragrance.  Elongated buds become large colorful blooms.  Stems are 24-40 inches long with 1-3 flowers per stem.  The Stargazer lily seems to want to pollinate whatever it touches as the pollen sheds easily and stains whatever it touches.  After a bud opens you can easily remove the pollen from the stamens by grabbing the stamens with a tissue and gently pulling outwards..

Lilies have been associated with many ancient myths, and pictures of lilies were discovered in a villa in Crete, dating back to the Minoan Period, about 1580 B.C.

Lilies are mentioned in the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, they symbolize chastity and virtue.  In both the Christian and pagan traditions, the lily is a fertility symbol.  In Greek marriage ceremonies the bride wears a crown of lilies and wheat…purity and abundance.  Lilies are also a symbol of death, and at one time lilies were placed on the graves of children.

The lily has no true medicinal value, although in Elizabethan times, lilies were one of the ingredients in medicines to treat fever or to clean wounds, burns and sores.

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(Note: This blog post, written by Donn F. Flipse, originally appeared as an article in Gold Coast Magazine)