Flowering Facts: The Legends and History of Roses

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February means Valentines Day and Valentines Day means ROSES!    Red roses symbolize love, respect, courage and passion.  Roses are appropriate for any and all occasions.  Whether a single stem or boundless bunches, roses make an elegant statement.  Every rose is unique in terms of bloom performance and look.

Molecular biologists, who use DNA molecules to estimate age, can trace roses back some 200 million years!  The legend takes root…cloris, goddess of flowers, crowned the rose a queen of the flowers.  Aphrodite presented a rose to her son Eros, god of Love.  The rose became a symbol of love and desire.

The first cultivated roses appeared in Asian gardens more than 5,000 years ago.  Confucius wrote that during his life (551-479 B.C.), the Emperor of China owned over 600 books about the culture of roses.  The Chinese extracted oil of roses from the plants grown in the Emperor’s garden.  The oil was only used by nobles and dignitaries of the court.  If a commoner were found in possession of even the smallest amount, he was condemned to death!

Roses were introduced to Rome by the Greeks.  During feasts young men and women in Athens adorned a crown of roses and danced naked around thetempleofHymento symbolize the innocence of the Golden Age.

Egyptian wall paintings depicting roses have been found in tombs dating from the fifth century B.C. to Cleopatra’s time.  Cleopatra had a passion for everything Roman and she is said to have scattered rose petals before Mark Anthony’s feet.

Roses were introduced to Europe during the Roman Empire, where they were mainly used for ornamental purposes.  Empress Josephine of France started her rose collection in 1804 and within ten years, she had collected every known species.  Passion for roses spread from France to the British Isles, then throughoutWestern Europe, and finally to America and Australia.

The classical look for roses is in a vase with greens and other accent flowers, but with a little imagination, a variety of looks can be achieved.

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(Note: This blog post, written by Donn F. Flipse, originally appeared as an article in Gold Coast Magazine)