Mother’s Day – South Florida Segment!

My very good friend, Donn Flipse, was featured on a segment for The Morning Show on South Florida TV.  The segment featured Donn helping children create a special & unique arrangement for Mother’s Day.

Peony Celebration

 Come join us for our “Peony Celebration… ”
Visit our stores in Davie or Boca Raton during our celebration to see our exceptional selection of Peonies Saturday, May 15 through Sunday, May 30.  
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-They are native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America
-Peonies are only available between late May and early July
-Peonies grow slowly, but when planted in sunny, well-drained sites they can become very large plants, up to three feet across.
-Peony represents elegance and poise.
-Have a vase life of 5-7 days
-Petals should be kept dry, as they are prone to mold

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is love and appreciation. There’s nothing stronger in the world than the love of a mother towards her children. She’s the one who was up all night when you were sick. She’s the one who was there when you took those first steps and said that magical first word. She’s the one who gave up her dreams and went without so you could have it. There was nothing she hasn’t or won’t do for you.

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year where you show appreciation for all that she has done and all that she does. Mother’s Day is the day when you say “Mom, today is not about me. It’s about you.” Of course, there’s no way to ever pay her back for all she’s done for you, and she
doesn’t expect you to. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

That’s why beautifully arranged flowers are such a fantastic gift for Mom. Their beauty is like her love…

Stop by Field of Flowers to see the wide selection of gifts for Mother’s Day, everything from fresh, colorful flower arrangements and lush, long-lasting plant arrangements to gourmet Bundt cakes and our newly introduced handmade chocolates and treats.
Field of Flowers is sure to have that perfect gift you have in mind for the special “mom” in your life.