Lily Celebration!

Lily flowers or lilium candidum was known to be the most significant flower symbol for Christians and that they indicate purity.  In Greek poetry, lily flowers signified tenderness and they were also referred to as the voice of muses. There is even a Greek myth that says how lily was born from the milk of the goddess Hera.  The first description of lily flowers can be traced back from the Chinese Middle Ages, where lily plant blossoms until late autumn and there were three shades, which include red, purple, and yellow.  In Europe, lily flowers were also used as remedy for many kinds of sicknesses and diseases. But, you should be careful if you have cats as pets as lilies can be poisonous to them.
Also, dont forget about our lily celebration going on from February 27th thru March 7th.  We are also having free flower arranging demos on the 27th and on March 6th at 2pm in both our Davie & Boca stores.  No reservations required, just bring yourself, friends & family  and have fun!

Celebrate Valentine’s at Field of Flowers

Another dozen roses….another Valentine’s Day….really guys, how about a little creativity?

Wouldn’t you like to add a little pizzazz? Remember, to that special someone, this day is as big as her birthday and almost as big as your anniversary.

We have we have a lot of arrangements that will put the LOVE into your Valentine’s Day with a new twist. Here are some recommendations that are sure to get that reaction you are looking for.

Field of Flower’s top 5 recommendations as an 
alternative to a DOZEN RED ROSES:

1.  Orchid Plants or fresh cut orchid stems

2.  Calla Lilies or Oriental Lilies

3.  Tropical flowers such as birds of paradise and Anthurium (that’s the heart – shaped flower)

4.  Tulips  

5.  Dishgardens with beautiful green and blooming plants such as Begonias