Flowering Facts about Sunflowers!

Helianthus is the scientific name of the sunflower. It is a combination of two words Helios, meaning sun and Anthos, meaning flower.

The sunflower plant can grow from 3 to 18 feet tall.

There are more than 60 different varieties of sunflowers in the world. The most common is the bright yellow with the dark brown centers, however new varieties of sunflowers are being created in colors the range from orange, tan, maroon or striped petals with green or yellow centers.

In 1986 M. Heijmf grew the world’s tallest sunflower that was 25″ 5.5″ tall in the Netherlands.

Sunflowers seeds are used in a lot of everyday products such as medicine and paint. They are also rich in oil, which are stored as a source of food energy. Sunflower seeds are also crushed to give us oil, which is used for cooking.

Sunflowers require only 90 to 100 days from planting to mature.

Kansas City has been nicknamed “The Sunflower State” and is the national flower of Russia.

A well-known characteristic of sunflowers is that is flowering head tracks the sun’s movement; this occurrence is known at “heliotropism.”

The largest sunflower head has been grown in Canada, it was 32.5″

The Bonsai technique has been used to create the shortest sunflower, it was just over 2″ tall.

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