The Frugal Florist

Sometimes Field of Flowers has a guest speaker and one of those speakers that Field of Flowers loves to invite is John Klingel.

John Klingel has worked in many aspects of the floral industry and is now the Director of the South Florida Center for Floral Studies in West Palm Beach, Florida. His background has brought him opportunities to create floral designs for many notables such as Vera Wang & Janet Jackson.

John Klingel is also the author of “The Frugal Florist Do-It-Yourself Flowers on a Budget.” This book is great for all brides that want to “Do-It-Yourself” because in John Klingel’s book he shows you step-by-step the best techniques to design your wedding flowers on your budget!

I have included You Tube clips where John gives a few “How To” demonstrations.(You can view the clips on the right panel of the blog.)

– By the way John will be Field of Flowers guest speaker on Saturday, June 27. He will be demonstrating his techniques in the Davie store at 2pm — DON’T MISS IT!

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It’s not just a woman’s world … men like flowers and plants!

Various studies have shown that men like to receive flowers too. So next time you are wondering what to get that man of yours, think florally!

Here are some tips to buying flowers for men:

1. Keep it simple. Research indicates that men prefer the simpler arrangements.

2. Reciprocate the occasion. If your man often buys you flowers for your birthday,considering doing the same for him.

3. Make it vibrant. Softer, more pastel colors are considered feminine – brighter, more cheerful colors have a more positive response in men.

4. Stay contemporary. Men seem to like flower arrangements with contemporary sleek lines and a natural style.

5. Consider plants. The man who thinks flowers are for females may enjoy a great plant. Think bonsai plant, for example – fun but not frilly.

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