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Stores like Field of Flowers have professionals who are skilled and talented floral designers.

But everyone can learn a little more about caring for flowers and making arrangements. One way to do that is to take a class.

Listen to a professional tell you about techniques, colors, flowers that work well together, accessorizing the arrangement, how to get the most life out of your flowers.

Taking a class also allows you to listen to other people who are learning and to find out what they think. Most importantly, taking a class lets you ask questions and grow into your own as you discover what flowers you like, how you like to arrange them, what seasons are right for which flowers, etc.

There’s no age limit for taking classes. Whether you are a young person drawn to flowers and eager to know a lot about them, or someone older who has always wanted to learn more, floral arranging classes and demonstrations can teach you a great deal.

It’s great to read about flowers in a book or watch a video. But there’s nothing like the hands-on experience of working directly with flowers! If you’ve ever thought about taking a class, maybe now’s the time to do it.

Top Five Reasons to Buy Flowers!

1) Flowers are beautiful! Flowers are colorful, vibrant, arresting – a feast for the eyes.
2) Flowers last. Unlike a great meal that’s gone in a moment, flowers have greater longevity. Well after they’ve been given, they continue to blossom and brighten any room.
3) Flowers can make a statement. Flowers can be simple and dramatic or lush and ornate. They can be carefully arranged in a tall vase or modestly presented in a smaller vase. They can say what you want them to say and make the impact you want them to make.
4) Flowers are economical. With pricing top most in people’s minds, flowers are a smart choice – there are great price ranges so you’ll be able to find an option that works for you. And because they last so long, it makes the purchase price even more sensible.
5) Flowers engender happiness. Reports have shown the positive effects of flowers on people. Flowers cheer a hospital room, put a person in a romantic mood, make a person smile and create goodwill. It’s organic!

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Flowering Facts about Peonies

• They are native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America
• Peonies are the state flower of Indiana
• Peonies are only available between late May and early July
• The Chinese name for peony is “sho yu” which means “most beautiful”
• Peonies grow best in partial shade to full sun
• Peony represents elegance and poise.
• Have a vase life of 5-7 days
• Peonies are very thirsty flowers, so make sure you top off the vase or bowl
• Petals should be kept dry, as they are prone to mold