Benefits of plants and the human body…

Studies have shown that plants can help support pain management and promote an overall sense of well-being. Employees are less likely to miss work.

In offices where plants are present, employees experience less job related stress and report less ailments. This is because plant life can help reduce the level of common indoor toxins that lead to illness. According to some research, indoor plants are known to increase individuals’ problem-solving skills, reduce noise levels, decrease temperature and lower humidity. Therefore, everyone should incorporate live plants in their interior spaces!!!

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There is an ever changing array of plants available in our Boca Raton and Davie, FL flower markets, open 7 days a week. Plus you can call, click or come in for any of these beautiful orchid and gift plant arrangements.

Congratulations! Field of Flowers on CNBC

Congratulations to Donn Flipse and all the people at Field of Flower who were part of the historic Inauguration coverage! CNBC sent reporter Rebecca Jarvis to Davie, Florida to be in one of the most beautiful settings – the main location for the fresh flower superstore. Rebecca interviewed Donn about his thoughts on the new administration and some of the ways that new leadership in Washington could impact small businesses. It’s great to see national news stations look for intelligent commentary! Good job, Donn – and the store looked great!

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The Connection Between Flowers and Valentine’s Day

You may be wondering when and how flowers became a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Well, there are many myths surrounding this question. One story dates back to the 17th century. Every year a daughter of Henry IV of France would throw a party in honor of St Valentine. Each lady who attended the gathering would receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her valentine. From this came the custom of sending our significant others cards with flowers and candy.

Roses have always been associated with romance and love. Even before St. Valentines flowers were considered love tokens. One Roman myth describes Cupid bringing a vase of sweet nectar to the Gods on Mt. Olympus. On his way he spilled the nectar on the ground, and from that spot grew roses!

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