Why are plants important?

Plants are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You may not be aware, but indoor air quality is generally more polluted than outdoor air quality and with people spending a majority of their time indoors, this can lead to illness and even death. Green plants, through a process known as photosynthesis, use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also remove carbon monoxide and Formaldehyde from the air, improving the indoor air quality (IAQ). With the presence of more green plants, we will have increased clean oxygen allowing for healthier humans. According to the Forest Stewardship Council, plants are known to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism rates in businesses. Studies also show that people report being happier and more content in the work place when there are plants present.

Field of Flowers is Very Grateful…

During the past year, Field of Flowers has worked closely with the Women in Distress organization. The mission of Women in Distress is to offer victims of domestic violence with a safe haven, crisis intervention and helpful resources. To support their work, every week Field of Flowers delivers to the Women in Distress in Fort Lauderdale three beautiful floral arrangements to brighten up their offices. Field of Flowers is very grateful to Women in Distress for the valuable work they do and proud to support the organization.

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Movie titles..and flowers

Have you ever noticed just how many movie titles have or specify “flowers” in them? We have come up with some titles, see if you can find them? Once you complete our word search just bring a print out of the completed puzzle and we’ll give you a free bunch of flowers! (Update: this offer is no longer valid…but enjoy the puzzle.)

Bed of Roses—Cactus Flowers—
Black Dahlia—Lilac Times—
Black Orchid—Steel Magnolias—
Blue Dahlia—War of Roses—
Broken Flowers— White Oleander

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